About Airfarm

About Airfarm

Every plant, no matter how large, begins with a small seed. The seed for Airfarm was planted with the vision of improving communication within agriculture and making it more transparent.

Born in the fields, Airfarm combines digitalisation and agriculture. For many farmers, digitalisation is a challenge, Airfarm sees it as an opportunity to facilitate everyday processes in the field. However to make a plant blossom, a suitable team is needed. We at Airfarm combine versatile expertise from agriculture, technology consulting, innovation and finance. Together we grow every day...

Everything we do....

Happy Farmers

... serves an overriding goal: to make farmers' lives more successful and easier.

Truly Openminded People

... we do with curiosity and courage: people with different strengths and backgrounds form the best teams. Improvement and innovation require courage to take risks. If something goes wrong, we keep a positive, constructive mindset, learn from it and adapt.

Passionate for Excellence

... we do with untiring dedication to always provide excellent services for our customers. We strive to continuously improve ourselves as attentive listeners, visionary thinkers, pragmatic problem solvers, and determined doers.

Thriving as a Team

... we do as a team. Individual performance is essential - but we are particularly proud of the results we achieve as a collective. As colleagues, we are both our most passionate fans and sharpest critics.

Joy and laughter

... we do with humor and fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we know that by enjoying what we do as individuals, the entire organization gains.

The Team

Dr. Hubertus Mai

Mission-driven technology visionary and networker
Founder and CEO

Ivan Andriollo

Customer focused innovator

Ariella van Hooven

Growth Catalyst and Project Driver
Chief of Staff

David Zistl

Customer Communicator and Product Pro
Business Development Manager

Sven Kämmerer

Emphatic Doer and Number Cruncher

Julia Heinrichs

Human-centered Researcher and Process Optimizer
Business Development Managerin

We are always looking for highly ambitious talents!
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